Brand Development

Your brand is not a logo or a product. Your brand is the relationship between your customers and you.

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Successful brand development unifies your mission, vision, and direction while forming customer connections. I focus on carving out a unique brand strategy paired with a highly engaging visual identity.

What does “brand” mean to you?

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a company. It is the public-facing interpretation of your business strategy—the foundation upon which your company’s culture, marketing decisions, and priorities are built.

Time to invest in branding?

Branding is a process of building a brand and managing perception. It involves creating a memorable name and an image for a product, company, or service in the consumer’s minds.

A Look At The Branding Process

1. Learn

To best understand your organization's position, I need to learn your company's origin story, how it's unique, and what the wants and pain points of your customers are. Be prepared to share your vision, concerns, long-term goals, and big opportunities for the road ahead.

2. Discovery

For established companies, I examine your existing brand and the various ways it is presented in different environments. This allows me to gain a thorough understanding of all touch points that comprise your customner's experience.

3. Design

Next, I design creative concepts that expand from the logo to the entire look and feel of the brand. I'll present my concepts, and with your input, we collaborate to arrive at the final creative direction.

4. Continuity
Once your identity is updated, our next goal is brand continuity. I can produce impactful branded collateral to strengthen your message and leave lasting impressions.

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